Monday, September 21, 2009

Towson Football Kicks Off to an Explosive Start

It's that time of year again. You guessed season. And in spite of the H1N1 panic, those painfully dull classes to which one might prefer death, and the expiration of the summer season, we can find solace in football. This past Saturday, the Towson Tigers delivered for a stadium packed with over 7,000 fans. And while I am by no means a football fan, I thought that this first game of the season was the best I'd ever been to.

My roommate and I had the pleasure of sitting within the first ten rows, close to the field and right behind the most outrageous die-hard Tigers fans at Towson University. You know, the ones who paint their bodies in that brazen black and gold and who shout so fervently that they are sure to be hoarse in the morning. Standing shoulder to shoulder with people who like to scream, mostly about anything (at one point they were chanting "Catch that bat!" in response to the sporadic flight of a random bat above the bleachers) was actually a lot of fun. Their fiery energy almost made me forget the dropping temperature (almost). And though I didn't get the memo about bringing along a spoon, I still had a blast screaming for every brutal tackle, for every unexpected interception, and for every victorious touchdown. By the end of the game, my throat was aching and the palms of my hands were aching (from banging on the bleachers). But in exchange for my loyalty, I got to see myself yelling on that giant screen behind the end zone, caught a catapulted t-shirt and danced with our ferocious mascot, Doc.

Towards the end of the game, just when I thought things would end badly, the Tigers maintained their unwavering resistance and defeated Coastal Carolina with a score of 21-17. Not too bad for new coach Rob Ambrose's first home game.

And to cap off a dynamic game, there was an explosive ten-minute fireworks show after the game. Everybody loves fireworks and it seemed to be a real treat for visiting family and friends. And for the students, we got to enjoy free wings at the Glen Dining Hall where URG organized a wing eating contest and offered free prizes with raffle tickets.

At the end of the evening, I felt a new-found pride for my school. I gave Towson my loyalty (and my voice) and Towson gave me a t-shirt, a fireworks show, and a glorious evening I'll never forget.

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