Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Leave Your Wallet at Home, Go to the Library

In the article "Save With Your Library Card," writer Jay Hancock explains how a simple library card can help save money. The Maryland Library system is now working to make libraries more "consumer-focused." These means that best-sellers and new releases will now be more available, while some classics will be scarce. Hancock reasons that we pay for libraries, so why not take advantage of all they have to offer?

For the spending-conscious college student, the motto remains the same. Free is always the best deal. I thought this article proves that there really are opportunities to save just waiting for us, that includes college students. Though Hancock points out the obvious, it's still worth pointing out.

Many students would still rather go to Barnes & Nobles to buy a novel for an English class that they'll only use once than borrow it from the library for free. Many students don't realize that they can rent new movie releases for just $2.50, a cheaper price than Blockbuster. Instead of spending twenty dollars for the latest pop culture novel, pick it up at Towson Library for free. You can pick up the latest music albums, movies, magazines and, of course, books at any library in the Maryland library systems and save your dollars.


rachel rothwell said...

Nice post..good job summarizing the story and keeping your blog short and sweet. Good picture also

jatwater said...

Nice job with this post, Geneane!