Sunday, February 8, 2009

Beat It!

Do you constantly find yourself short on cash? Do you ever wonder if your money is being well spent? Have you considered that you might be missing out on great opportunities to save money?

Don't worry. This isn't the script for an infomercial. It's just my way of introducing everyone to my beat.

This semester, I will divulge the secrets to smart spending for Towson students on a budget. For all those working long hours for just a few nickels more than minimum wage (like me), this blog is for you. For my beat, I will share tips for keeping the money you've earned (or have been handed by Mom and Dad) in your pockets. I hope to provide valuable information on how to spend wisely and save easily.

The Towson University Towerlight provides a wide variety of information to its readers, including great deals especially for college students. Check the Towerlight often for articles and ads that might appeal to you. For instance, the Towerlight published an ad for the SGA offering free tickets to an advance screening for the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, requiring only that all interested bring the recent edition of the Towerlight to the 2nd floor of the University Union. Anyone--including shopaholics--knows that when it comes to saving your dough, the motto is: FREE is always the best deal.


Ariel Gononsky said...

You made the idea of spending money, something that is difficult to do sound interesting. I think this is a really good beat for college students and I'll be checking back to see what I can learn.

Charnay916 said...

Your beat is cool. I like how you incorporated a link into your blog gives the reader something extra to get involved with your topic...;)

jatwater said...

I think this will be a good topic for you, Geneane. I look forward to your posts.