Monday, January 26, 2009

The Starting Line

As this fresh semester comes to its start, I'm bracing myself for all it has to bring. My name is Geneane Johnson and I am a sophomore at Towson U. I am majoring in Mass Communications and minoring in English with hopes of someday becoming a writer. In this class, I hope to improve my computer skills by exploring new programs and becoming more independent when using some of the old ones. I also would like to discover more about compiling photos, audio, and video for projects that inform and compell my readers. As always, I'm looking to improve my writing and composition skills to better myself as a writer and prepare myself for the fastpaced world of journalism. As I come to the starting line of this new semester, I am optimistic about all that I will learn and accomplish over the next few months.

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jatwater said...

Welcome back, Geneane!