Monday, September 8, 2008

Trapping Art

Freelance journalist Poh Si Teng captures art by various methods. This Malaysia native came to the United States where she's worked from coast to coast. Her multimedia website is proof that she carries a very heavy backpack. On her at all times must be her camera, a high quality advanced digital device ready to snap living art and history at a moment's notice. She might tote with her a simple notepad and pen to jot down her research and perhaps she carries a tape recorder along as well. Teng must frequently bring her video camera out to document interviews which give a firsthand account of stories, experiences, and events.
I was impressed with Teng's work. Her use of visuals successfully reeled me in and kept my eyes glued to my computer screen. Teng takes her visitors on a sensory journey and traps art using video, audio, and pictures to tell stories of ordinary people like you and I. I was able to see life through the eyes of a gay cowgirl or a blind commuter. It is fascinating how technology allowed me to dip into the lives of people I'd ordinarily overlook, if only for just a few minutes.
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