Sunday, September 21, 2008


This week, Professor Atwater was pretty excited about Twitter. So we opened our twitter accounts and got started with 1-2-3 filing. I'm going to comment on a few of my classmates filings on twitter.

First up is Brian Wright's headline "Spidertown?" Not only does this headline let us get a hint of what the article is about, it's also pretty clever. Brian summarizes in active voice and uses the subject-verb-object model. He also uses the 5 W's without getting too detailed and he gives just enough information to let the reader get the gist of what the article will cover. You can see Brian's twitter page at

Second up for discussion is Rachel Rothwell's headline "Going Green Made Easier for Towson Students." The headline gets straight to the point and lets us get an idea of where the article is going while using an active voice. In her summary, Rachel provides us with the 5 W's and tells us how Towson will make being environmentally responsible easier. You can see Rachel's twitter page at

Lastly, we'll discuss Cara Wood's headline "Richmond Spiders Strike Back, Win 45-14." Her headline is written in active voice and gives us a quick update on the Towson Tigers as they travel on away games. Her brief summary keeps us current while still linking the outcome of this recent game to a past game. You can see Cara's twitter page at

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