Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Is it Newsworthy?

Baltimore Sun article "Obama on Education" discusses Barack Obama's stance on education. Increased funding for charter schools and adjusting teacher wages based on performance level are just a couple of changes Sen. Obama intends to make. John McCain's response to Sen. Obama's proposal was to create more school choice options for parents. However, Sen. Obama insists that improving schools and building more public schools will prove more beneficial than John McCain's voucher program.
This article is newsworthy because it is relevant to the current election. While thousands of Americans are anticipating November 4th, they want to know where the presidential nominees stand on the issues. The prominence of these two political figures attracts readers to these sort of articles. Therefore, it's important to compare the positions of each candidate on issues that affect ordinary American people.

The article "Trains Crash in California" reports a commuter train crash in California. Of the 220 Union Pacific passengers more than 10 were killed and dozens were left severely injured. Firefighters worked to extinguish fires and release those trapped inside cars. The devastating freight train crash was compared to the Jan. 26, 2005, Metrolink train crash in Glendale which was recorded as Metrolink's worst train wreck. In the Glendale crash, 11 were killed with 180 were injured.
This article is relevant because it impacted the lives of a lot of people in California. The readers of this article will want to know how this tragedy occurred and how likely it is to happen to them. Though this story took place in California, it is still important news to those who live elsewhere.

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