Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Open Mic Night!

Though there are all kinds of interesting events happening on our campus, the event that I've decided to cover is the Open Mic Night on Thursday, Sept. 25. I know that this event will take place at Paws in the University Union. According to The Towerlight, the microphone will be open for acoustic music, poetry, and comedy. Students can sign up with the Campus Activities Board in the Union. My main sources will be the different students offering to share their talents. I'm interested in knowing what inspires them and how they got started with music, comedy, or poetry. I'll also want to know why they decided to come out and perform on stage and whether or not they have performed in front of an audience. These are just a few of the questions that I will ask. I will also monitor the venue and see how many students show up for the event, how diverse the acts are, and how the crowd responds to the different acts. I'm really eager to see how this event turns out.

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jatwater said...

How did it go? I hope you were able to narrow down your topic before you left. It often helps to have a focus before you arrive at an event. That doesn't mean you won't find something more interesting to focus on, but it can help.